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At least the fees are relatively low and the site is fairly active— it giving updates on the latest members as you search around the site!

10. Wine Dating Club

Choosing to live a paleo lifestyle is a real commitment, so finding someone to share in that dedicated lifestyle is only natural. Paleo Connect aims to do just that.

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The site caters to everyone seeking to form any type of bond that focuses on the paleo lifestyle, so while the process for contacting other members is simple and actually free you are still coming in contact with a ton of users who are looking for a running buddy or a just a friend to chat about paleo with. The good news is that this site is garnering a larger social following , so for those who live for paleo can easily find whatever relationship they want to pursue!

The site was built upon the concept that singles who are living with a food allergy would like a partner with similar dietary issues to make dating and life in general easier. Based upon the information you fill out in your Singles With Food Allergies profile, you can match with someone who not only shares your allergy, but someone who matches your interests as well.

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For those who believe love starts with hops more than hope 2 Love Beer is a tempting service. While the site does seem to have fairly active members, you absolutely must be a paying user to be able to connect with any potential dates. This dating site claims to be the only dating site with voice recording options so you can not only see what your future beermate may look like, but what they sound like too!

With a simple interface, this site is easy to navigate but really does not prompt for a lot of personal information for a tell-all experience so profilers can be as vague as they wish. For folks looking to casually bond over a passion for simple food, SamePlate is perfect for a seeking food lover. They encourage users to not only post pictures of themselves, they ask them to post photos of their meals as conversation starter. Also, there were several times when we searched for potential mates to meet up and their orientation preferences did not match up with ours.

Dating by Diet: New Sites Match Restricted Eaters

While we really love the concept behind this site, fact that there is a small social following and limited users to choose from is what weighed against this heavily in ranking. Add a few more members and easier search capabilities and this site will have food lovers falling in love with more than their first course of a meal. Farmers can easily sign up and flirt with other farmers or rural community members for free on this dating site and are not required to fill out much for their profile to get it started.

However, making connections requires a paid membership, but prices are fairly low to join and use.

Gluten Free Singles

If you are looking to connect over a shared love of the wide-open range, this site could be your answer! When it comes to variety and simplicity, How About We is tops! All on simply has to do is fill out a profile and make a date suggestion. You can instantaneously begin browsing dates for people who are like minded and narrow your searches to dates around food and drinking. We love how the site is not only fully free and fast to use, it facilitates relationships by promoting experiences and ideas to keep dating fresh.

The instructions are simple — sign up, meet new people daily, send them a request to dine, and if they accept your request, you pick a time and place to meet and eat! The first benefit of Dine is that it has an app available for the iPhone. It also builds a dating pool based on your interest in restaurants, which is cool.

Through your mutual interest, the app pretty much picks the location for your first date. One of the other pros is that women can interact for free while men can not, which is a common premise of many of the female-friendly applications used. Also, you can only swipe through 5 profiles a day or else you have to spend roses which are essentially tokens to get more swipes for the day. That said, they give you some roses just for signing up and completing a profile. You also only get to choose three restaurants that you like in your area, which limits your dating pool as well.

Gluten-Free Singles is not an app, but an online community where people who are gluten-free for health and fitness reasons or dietary needs can talk exclusively to other gluten-free singles. The app does more than just connect users on a romantic or platonic level, it also hosts events, posts recipes, and recommends producers and services. HiDine is an application where you can swipe through profiles for people and restaurants in your area to both form your interests and develop connections with singles looking to find a dining partner. While the application is free, men are required to put a down payment on the restaurant bill before any offline activities can occur.

One pro for HiDine is that it has a user-friendly mobile app.

10 Best Online Dating Websites for Food Lovers

This is another app that makes you login with Facebook, which to me, is a major drawback. The app is also kind of a rip off of Tinder — the color scheme is similar, the formatting is similar, the app is essentially Tinder for food. Men pay for first dates. You spend enough time and money on clothes, shoes, hair styling, and beauty products.

Before you even sit down at the table with a guy, you have invested in the date to look your best.

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Any man should appreciate that. That sounds just a little heteronormative to me.

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The app also links you to the closest city to you. For instance, from my home in New Jersey, I was swiping through people and restaurants in New York City, which is about 45 minutes to an hour from me. The Same Plate is a free dating website where users are encouraged to start conversations about food.

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To start, you sign up with an email address and post a profile picture — which, of course, should have some food involved. From there, conversations blossom..