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Top 20 questions to ask a potential Matchmaker: Make sure they are the right “match” for you!

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How Much Do Matchmakers Cost?

Intrigued is a personalized matchmaking service, not a dating service or dating app. As a member or client of Intrigued, you will connect with several matchmakers at a time. Those matchmakers have access to a large network of singles not typically found online or on swiping apps. Matchmakers simplify the dating process for you by screening and vetting your potential matches, introducing you to singles you normally wouldn't meet on your own, and by handling all the scheduling and planning details leading up to your first dates.

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You're also able to guide the process by having your voice heard through consistent communication with your matchmaker and survey responses about your date, match and overall experience with Intrigued. You can become a member by simply filling out a basic profile on the Intrigued site. There is no cost involved. Your information is completely private and shall remain confidential from our dating pool and the world wide web. Only matchmakers will have access to your viewable information.

How Much Do Matchmakers Cost

Once you take that step, matchmakers can select you as a match for their clients or you can request to be considered as a match in a matchmaker's network. We currently allow members to join up to two matchmaker networks.

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We encourage members and clients to work with a matchmaker for a three date minimum but there is no obligation to do so. Statistically, members and clients find success by first, finding a matchmaker who understands them and "gets" what they're looking for and second, being open to the process of meeting new people, learning about themselves and giving productive feedback after each date. Matchmaking can be true magic in your dating life, but it takes willing participants invested in a similar outcome for it to work.

All Intrigued matchmakers go through a full and extensive background check before being accepted as a matchmaker and given access to our members and clients.

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As a member or client, you will be screened by your matchmaker, your name sent through the national sex offender registry database and Internet search will be conducted by your matchmaker per Intrigued policy. All findings will be confidential to other members and clients but any questionable backgrounds will be reported to Intrigued management with an immediate freeze on your account. All future introductions will cease until the issue is cleared or the relationship is deemed necessary to terminate.

However, we know even an extensive background check doesn't insure your safety and always recommend our members and clients exercise solid judgment and common sense before disclosing personal information or taking a first date any further. Sign up for your FREE consultation. Skip to content How to Choose the Best Matchmaker.

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Know what you want. Stick to your budget.

A few key questions to ask: Do I get to see photos of my potential dates before I meet them in person? Some more points to ponder: Matchmakers are famous for over-promising and under-delivering. They devote exclusive and personalized attention to help you find the right person. They work hard to match people who are compatible, so you won't waste your time looking through online ads for people you would never be attracted to, and usually, you won't waste your time going out with people you can't possibly click with.

This can speed up the process of finding your true love and make it a lot less frustrating. As in any field of business, bad matchmaking services exist.

Comparison shop among your choices to make the most of your opportunity. During your initial assessment of the service, consider the following questions. Choosing the right matchmaking service should be based on a combination of value for your money, and the way the people make you feel. You need to trust them to help you make one of the biggest decisions of your life, so don't make your choice hastily. Don't eliminate the potential of online services.